Care of Dependents

During the 2007-2008 year the Caucus devoted considerable energy to dealing with issues related to dependent care, primarily but not exclusively issues related to childcare, and work/family balance.

Many academic women find dealing with work/family balance to be very difficult, either in relation to childcare, eldercare, and sometimes, for the so-called “sandwich generation”, both.

In ‘Related Events and Discussions’ you will find the report on the forum on work/family balance held in January of 2008, which discusses work/family balance, childcare and eldercare and includes a number of references on this topic. You will also find a report on some possible solutions the very real problems of UVic daycare. Currently the waitlist is two years or more to get into the daycare. This is not acceptable, and the report presents some solutions. The report also includes a discussion of efforts the administration has recently undertaken which will hopefully start to increase childcare spaces on campus.

If you would like to get involved in efforts to increase the number of daycare spaces on campus, please Contact Us.

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Education and Women

Education, as well as other social issues, is one area that is often seen as having a gender bias problem. The issue of gender bias in education is not because of the aspect of education itself, rather than the perpetrators of education that often overlook aspects of gender equality in it.

Schools as institutions of formal education is part of a larger social structure, hence the prevailing culture and values in school is no different with the culture and values prevailing in the citizen. That it is not surprising that in a paternalistic social structure, the school also has the same tendency.

The desire to further improve the quality of life of women today have been able to increase the level of participation of women in the world of education. Even in some developed countries, the level of participation in education kaumperempuan higher than that of the men. Namundemikian, the high participation of women in education has not diiringidengan culture change that indicates the balance between function danpotensi men and women. Therefore, one of the points of the Millennium Development Goals is to encourage the realization of gender equality danmemberdayakan women (Archer, 2006, p. 27).

This paper discusses the link between gender differences with duniapendidikan theoretically, and see its implications in practice.

There is something paradoxical in the talks on education and women. On the one hand, the role of educators often associated with women, while on the other side of women’s access to education masihmerupakan big problem.

Teacher or teachers often associated with women, this karenapekerjaan prefers patience, patience and caring. Those things are synonymous with feminine attitude held by the perempuan.Oleh Therefore, in the classical writings in English, pronouns to teachers often use the third person pronoun for women (she). Even in Islam also teaches that the first school for children is mother (female). This suggests that the role of women in the real world of education has been going on since a very long time.

The role of women as teachers or teacher was often not comparable with the level of participation of women as learners. In general, women’s access to formal education, especially in developing countries has not been as big as men.

Men in Academic Affairs

Alex is the type of 5-year-old boy who is active, very excited, but his preschool teachers do not approve kepribadiannnya energetic. “They work hard to calm him down,” said the mother, Susan Giurleo. “The teachers do not appreciate it and assume busyness academic abilities below average, although he knows all the colors, the whole alphabet, and counting to 100.” As a child psychologist, Giurleo was sure her son did not experience attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but Alex continues to be problematic in behavior and school performance.

Many boys who did it. Statistically, boys have a four times greater likelihood expelled from preschool than girls, and they were diagnosed with a learning disability or not developed at a certain point in their education doubled than girls. Now the girls are in power in the classroom. On average, over the years they are superior to boys in reading and writing equivalency test and lately has made the boy stay “stuck” in mathematics and cornered in an exact science. Over time, the gap is widening gender achievement. Boys lag behind in almost every subject in junior high and has a four-fold likelihood to fail in high school than girls. Now, more than 58 percent of campuses in the United States are women, who won the most titles D3, bachelor, and master’s degree.

Why boys left behind? In part, because they begin to misfortune. “Three of the four boys in the kindergarten class which is usually more active physically and developmentally immature than girls,” says Parents advisor, Michael Thompson, Ph.D., author of It’s a Boy! However, the schools (including many preschool, have changed their emphasis to the academic rather than teach social skills) may require children completed the task with calm paper rather than letting them play and run around. This trend makes the grade becomes much unfriendly for boys. Understanding the barriers to academic track your son is an important thing to help developing-now and later in school.
The boy is not as old as girls.

Studies have revealed interesting differences between the brains of girls and boys at the age of 4 years. In general, the frontal lobe or lobes of the brain girls, at an early age that monitors the area of stimulation, more active and mature than boys belong. The female brain is also set to release a higher amount of serotonin, a brain chemical that creates a sense of self-control. “In general, girls start school with a greater ability to adjust focus for longer periods and follow the instructions a few steps,” said David Thomas, director of counseling men and boys at Daystar Counseling Ministries Inc. in Nashville, Tennessee, and the author of Wild Things : The Art of Nurturing Boys. “The boy tends to be slow to think or be difficult to break.” While the boy’s ability to concentrate increases in the age of 8 years, their continuous focus usually lag behind girls until adulthood.

They are troubled by sitting pretty and quiet.

The boy seemed to be fixated on the activity in which girls are not glued. The result, still sitting quietly is a much more challenging task for boys than girls of the same age. In fact, half the 5-year-old boy could not watch more than 20 minutes, according to Leonard Sax, MD, PhD, author of Boys Adrift.

The boy also had high levels of dopamine were evident, a chemical that helps direct the movement of the body and the information flow to the brain. The study in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology stated that the movement improving working memory boys, especially those with ADHD. Brain men generally enters a period of minimal activity (known as neural-rest state) more often than the female brain, so it can not be silent anxiety and actually help the boy to learn.

They need more time to learn to read.

Chances are, you are taught to read in first grade. However, now the children are usually expected to master that ability after graduating kindergarten. While literacy standards have changed, the nature of the child has not changed, and the urge to be read earlier seems to deter boys than girls. Why? Part of the brain that processes words, developed more slowly in boys than girls. Large studies in Virgnia Tech University in Blacksburg, finding that the language areas 5-year-old boy is equal to an average of 3.5 years old daughter. (In contrast, parts of the brain that are closely related to mathematics and geometry mature faster in boys than in girls).

Encourage boys to read before they are ready to be biologically could result in less good. Girls more often became a star in the first years, where many boys tried hard to follow the lesson and become frustrated. “Accelerating the early elementary curriculum has made many boys become bad in school,” said Dr. Sax. “At the age of 6 or 7 years, many of those who decided that this was a waste of time.”

Women in Academic Affairs

Academic ability in fact women beat men in various countries around the world. Although women often face the problem of gender inequality, both in the political, economic, and social.

The latest report of Dr. Gijsbert Stoet from the University of Glasgow and David C. Geary of the University of Missouri found that the performance of the high school is better than male students in an examination of international standards, ie Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). The study was conducted to students in more than 52 countries.

This research was conducted to find out the relationship between academic awards and the level of gender inequality. Assumptions are raised, the student achievement in a country where they are treated unfairly, will sag.

However, in fact, the research found that female students consistently outperform the ability of men during the past ten years, regardless of unfair treatment in the countries where they live. “In many countries, women are not allowed to do many things, but interesting even when women are much better at school,” Geary said, as quoted from the Huffington Post, Saturday (07/02/2015).

Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) initiated since 2000. In 2009, the results of the study stated, the performance of female students are women better than male students in various fields, except mathematics.

“The bottom line is superior to men in the field of mathematics. While 95 percent of all children in the world, far behind men than women, “said Geary.

Geary worry about the implications of the study on increasing labor market complex. Particularly in developing countries. He said, many men who will become adults with only master some skills work. “If a country has a number of larger males, increased crime, including violence,” he explained.

Geary hope these findings could improve attention to children who are left behind. “The problem of neglected children. This is a serious problem throughout the world. It has not been addressed and should be sought to know why it happened,” the message.