Education and Women

Education, as well as other social issues, is one area that is often seen as having a gender bias problem. The issue of gender bias in education is not because of the aspect of education itself, rather than the perpetrators of education that often overlook aspects of gender equality in it. Schools as institutions of… Continue Reading →

Men in Academic Affairs

Alex is the type of 5-year-old boy who is active, very excited, but his preschool teachers do not approve kepribadiannnya energetic. “They work hard to calm him down,” said the mother, Susan Giurleo. “The teachers do not appreciate it and assume busyness academic abilities below average, although he knows all the colors, the whole alphabet,… Continue Reading →

Women in Academic Affairs

Academic ability in fact women beat men in various countries around the world. Although women often face the problem of gender inequality, both in the political, economic, and social. The latest report of Dr. Gijsbert Stoet from the University of Glasgow and David C. Geary of the University of Missouri found that the performance of… Continue Reading →